Why Pelseal Fluoroelastomers?

  • Pelseal Technologies' family of custom products. We lead the industry in providing highly effective and specialized caulks, adhesives & coatings in a broad array of colors and viscosities. Our unique products add value to finished parts and components. They help protect capital assets and improve functionality of long-standing designs. If you require the flexibility of rubber combined with strong chemical resistance, and a broad temperature range please consider using Pelseal’s Viton™ caulks, coatings, sealants or adhesives.  

  • Pelseal offers a fluoroelastomer aerosol. PLV9500 is a liquid fluoroelastomer coating available in a 12 oz. aerosol spray cans.

  • Shelf life of Pelseal's products. Pelseal's products' shelf life is twelve months from the date of certification, provided the container remains unopened and stored below 75 degrees F. The accelerator should be kept out of direct sunlight.

  • Pot life of Pelseal's two-part coatings/adhesives and sealants/caulks. Our coatings/adhesives have a useful pot life of approximately 8 hours at 75 degrees F. Keeping the mixed material covered between applications will minimize evaporation of the solvent and prolong the pot life.

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