Wet Bench Builder uses Pelseal high-performance caulk and new aerosol spray in chemical etch environment for semiconductor manufacture.

ATS Automation provides factory-wide automation solutions from product assembly and testing to specialized processing machinery, providing an extensive range of
manufacturing technology and expertise to deliver turnkey manufacturing solutions.

Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, ATS maintains facilities around the world, including a 170,000 sq. ft. plant in Corvallis, Oregon, where the company builds automated “wet bench” equipment used for chemical etching, stripping, parts cleaning, wafer cleaning, polishing and other applications in the manufacture of semiconductors. The ATS Modular Wet Bench is equipped with a frame mounted integrated rack and pinion allowing multiple material handling robots to share the same process area. Each one is custom designed.

Robots are an integral part of the processes at Corvallis, where chemicals such as hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acid are used.

For years, the Corvallis plant has used sealants and caulks made of Fluoroelastomer (Viton™ / Dyneon®) from Pelseal Technologies.  Two of those products, Pelseal® 2531 and Pelseal ®2690, are used for sealing between the component surfaces that are directly exposed to the acids.  They also use the products to fill the heads of socket head cap screws so that when an Allen wrench is applied, it won’t break the PTFE coating inside the socket. 

Recently, according to Mechanical Engineering Manager, Bruce Smith, ATS received a sample of Pelseal’s new fluoroelastomer aerosol spray, PLV 9500.  They used the 9500 to coat metallic components to protect them against exposure to the acids.  Normally, according to Smith, the components are sent out for PTFE or epoxy coatings, but if a component is needed right away, they spray it with the PLV 9500 Fluoroelastomer. This worked so well that ATS became the first customer to order the PLV 9500 aerosol when the sample ran out.


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